City Harvest’s founder Kong Hee & 4 others arrested

News from ChannelNewsAsia

I believe most Singaporeans will have heard of this seeing as it is all over Facebook, and of course there are bound to be some disagreements.

If I recall correctly, this is not the first embezzlement case to have happened in Singapore. One of the more recent ones that should still be fresh in everyone’s minds is the NKF issue, with the second one involving Ren Ci Hospital. I do not want to classify all three matters into one category but then again, I would like to bring up the fact that such things do happen when MONEY comes into the picture.

I would like to share some comments that I had come across in facebook;

  • All those money… it’s hard not to sway
  • if true, this is disappointing and downright DISGUSTING. What a wolf in sheepskin and a cheat posing as a pastor. Disrobe him.
  • i love how people are defending him when he misappropriated their money. hilarious
  • they must have found something before they make the high profile arrest. 2 years ago, it is questioned. this time round is arrested.

And more comments while I am browsing;

  • Whatever it’s is. Believe in your own judgement. God is real not human. Church is real not human. Things are not as simple as we think. Fund must be decided by the church and authorize by the church. No individual human shall have the right to interfere.
  • A Pastor given his LIFE and Time to church.
    A Pastor who raise fund for Charity.
    A Pastor who Loves and Support his wife’s career.
    I did not see, Fund for Drugs, Human Trafficking, Ah Long and etc. Yet people are angry? It is sad….
  • judge not and you will not be judge, condemn not and you will not be condemn, forgive and you will be forgiven. Luke 6:37
  • all i can say is, my pastor Kong and Sun ho are righteous man and woman of God. the sacrifices they made to make miracles happen for the 23years will not be forgotten by God. 🙂

Among all, the most sensible comment:

  • I think we need to be sensitive to religious issues here. Yes, I’m disappointed… Disappointed in the person himself, but not the religion. I’m not a Christian btw.. But to each his own religious views. But I certainly will not respect anyone who uses religion for his own Profits or Monetary gains. That’s just despicable.

(The comments above are extracted from facebook, I did not put their names in so as to protect their privacy)

All of us – regardless of race, language or religion – will be out there talking about City Harvest Church (CHC) and Pastor Kong Hee. The contents of our conversations will probably involve stuff like money, Christianity, church, a pastor’s job scope, the CHC culture and etc. But what’s the point? What are these ideas that you have that you are trying to share with others?

Personally, this matter happened because of a religion’s representative. Pastor Kong Hee represented the CHC and decided to use the church’s money – amounting to SGD$23 million – to fund his wife’s singing career at USA.

Now let’s add in more information: Pastor Kong Hee has contributed 23 years of service as CHC’s pastor. Throughout his service, he did plenty of good deeds and has helped a lot of people to stand up and walk out of their darkest days. At the very least, we ought to acknowledge his work and service towards the community.

So dear readers, should we lessen his punishment because he has been a Great Man for the past few years? Or do we still defame City Harvest Church because Pastor Kong Hee is the church’s representative? These are issues that we ought to give some thought as well.


God’s Will, He knows the Truth more than anyone else

Pastor Kong Heecommitted a crime under the Charity Act. By utilizing the SGD$23 million from the CHC’s funds for his wife, this can be considered a selfish act.

Let’s put it simply – the man, who clearly loves his wife, used a lump sum of money from his workplace that he is serving in for the purpose of her dreams and career. The only few complex factors are:

  1. Religion Representative – Christianity
  2. A huge lump sum of money
  3. Funds meant for charity purposes

Is the religion considered as an accomplice in his selfish act?
Does the amount of money matter?
Does where the origins of the money matter?

I hope we do not mention anymore negative things about CHC. It is not the church’s fault; it’s the Pastor’s. Yes, the amount of money embezzled is BIG but even if it were to be any lesser, it is a crime nonetheless. It doesn’t matter where the money came from because essentially it is not his own money.
Religion is innocent. The core factors that they hope that their followers can abide by is to harbour a kind heart, act out a kind deed and cultivate themselves to be kind people.

Ultimately, someone is at wrong, and he is a single human being leading a group of people with him. That is the only thing that I see with my own eyes. Do you agree?