Many many years ago in the southern province of China, there is a small fishing village known as Lee Village.

There were a total of 55 households in the small village, with the river being their only source of income and food over the years. Situated at the top of a small hill in the village was a small Buddhist temple. An old monk and a few of his younger monks stayed there.

As the temple was the only place of worship in the village, every 1st and 15th day of the lunar month was the busiest day for the monks. As most villagers respected the old monk as the spiritual leader of the Lee Village, many of them would seek for his advice and guidance in times of dilemma.

Until one day…

Such peaceful living has been ongoing for the past 23years, until one day:

A family of three came into the temple, with the rest of the village following behind them. They crowded the temple hall; the men cursing and swearing at the top of their voices, and the women whispering loudly, with some even crying at their highest pitch.
The old monk was puzzled. Unaware of the entire situation, he decided to walk up and find out.

A middle-aged man grabbed the collar of the monk’s robe and shouted in his face. “Look at what have you done to my daughter! She is still a young girl and yet she is holding the baby of yours!”
The old monk looked at the man and then turned towards the young girl holding the baby. She was crying and her face displayed a mixture of fear, rejection and loneliness. He looked at the young male life-form in her arms – a cute little boy smiling with his mouth wide apart, curious about everything in front of his small twinkling eyes.

Without saying a word, the old monk broke free from the man’s hold. He moved towards the young girl and knelt down. He looked at her in the eye with a light grin. The old monk carried the baby into his arms before saying, “I will take care of him.”

The old monk walked back into the temple with the young baby boy in his arms, and shut the temple doors. Those villagers remained outside, still cursing and swearing at how shameless the monk was, how hypocritical of him, how he was not fit to be alive, and so on.

From that day on, no one visited the temple anymore. Among the young monks, four of them left the temple and went to another land, as they felt that the old monk was not fit to be their master anymore. Only one young monk stayed with him. He still believed in his master.

Since then, the temple went from bad to worse as no one was able to manage the temple. Most of the time during the day, the old monk would travel a few miles away to another village to seek for food and milk for the young baby. But as information spread, the old monk had to travel even further down a few more miles to another village. Sometimes, the old monk had to travel for days just to get the baby’s necessities.

One Year Later…

Such life went on for almost a whole year until one day. There was a grand wedding going on in the village. A young chap came back wealthy from his two years venturing into the foreign land. His bride was the young girl who had cried in the temple hall a year back.
After the ceremony and the grand wedding dinner, the groom and bride did not go back to their room. Instead, they walked to the little  temple at the top of the small hill with their families, relatives and friends trailing behind them.

The only young monk opened the temple door. He was holding the hand of the old monk while the 24-month-old baby was sleeping soundly in his arms. Both the bride and groom cried out loud to the old monk, seeking his forgiveness and mercy for their mistakes two years back.

Two years back, both the young chap and girl were a couple. However, the young man did not propose to the family for her hand as he was too poor to even take on the responsibility of looking after her. He decided to get out of the village to seek greener pastures and strike it big so that the girl’s family will hand her over. Unexpectedly, the young girl became pregnant a year after he went away.

The girl did not dare to speak out the truth as according to the traditions, both she and the baby will be sentenced to death by the villagers for her act. She had no choice but to push the blame on the old monk.

Upon hearing this, the families, relatives and friends  who were behind them were left stunned. At that very moment everyone was rendered speechless.

The old monk calmed the newly wedded couple down, handed them their baby and said, “So you are here for this baby? I guess it’s time for us to depart as well. Do take care of this little boy, he has been the joy of my life for the past one year.”

The couple hugged the baby in their arms with tears streaming down their face. The old monk walked back into the little temple quietly and shut its doors.

Truth will always be truthful, no one can twist and turn the True Fact no matter how hard they try.
A man with wisdom will not seek the support of others for he knows – truth will always be in his heart and God will always be there for him.

The only persons that will do such things are only showing how desperate they are. For they want the majority to fight against him, in order for him to cover up the SIN he has committed.

Friends and strangers, you have the wisdom to see with your own eyes. You have the wisdom to hear with your own ears. But if you have lost the wisdom to master your mind, you are merely a marionette under the control of a puppeteer.

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