One sunny day, an old father brings his three sons to venture out to the grassy plains for a hunting trip.

The four of them stand together in the field. The old father points out to the plains beyond and prompts a question to his three sons:

“My boys, what did you see?”

The eldest son says, “I see the shotguns in our hands, the rabbits running across the grass field, and the endless plains.” The old father shakes his head.


His second son replies, “I see my father, my brothers, the shotguns, the rabbits and the expanse of the grassland.” The old father shakes his head and sighs in disappointment.


This time round, the youngest son says, “In my eyes, I only see those rabbits hopping in front of me.” The old man grins, and cuddles the head of his youngest son. “My youngest son, you are absolutely correct.”


In order to be a good huntsman, one must focus on his prey and put in his a hundred percent effort in order to have a fruitful trip. Only when someone is focused and concentrates his mind on his goal, he will be able to achieve it eventually, from a huntsman to a businessman.

Oversea Foreign Workers’ (OFWs), please do not lose your focus and concentration due to the multiple lifestyles in a foreign land. Instead, you must have a goal in mind and work your way towards it. By doing so you will be able to achieve your dreams, your goals and your objective in your respective businesses.



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