On Thanksgiving Day a few years back, there was a short story featured on the Daily News:

There is an elementary school teacher who has instructed her class of students to draw something… something which they truly appreciate and are able to express their gratitude for.

In her mind, these children are from the poverty class of the society and thus, there should not be much they would be thankful for. Most likely, they would just want a big fat turkey on their dining table, or some other food which they have always wanted to eat.

As she walks around the class, she gets a closer look into her students’ works. Douglas’ drawing, in particular, has caught her attention: it is not as she has initially expected.

As she walks closer towards Douglas’ table, she is surprised to find that he has drawn a hand. The class’s attention is immediately drawn to Douglas’ sketch.

The attention of the class was drawn in by the content of the drawing almost immediately.
“Whose hand is this?” Someone asked.
A boy say,”This must be the hand of God, which he deliver us the food that we need.”
“No! I think it is the hand of a farmer.” a girl said.

“Dong! Dong!” The bell sounds, indicating the lesson has come to an end.

While most of the students got out of the classroom,
the teacher enquires Douglas about whose hand is it that was featured in his drawing.
The boy presses his voice down, and replies very softly:
“It’s your hand, teacher.”

The elementary school teacher recalls spending some time with Douglas during the recess period, when he was alone. She would hold his hand and stroll around the school, chatting and such.
Even though Douglas is not the only child that she has been holding hands with,
the act itself has held a special meaning to Douglas.

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