A long time ago, an old man bought a wasted land at a price much lower than its market value. The wasted land was filled with weeds, rubbish and dead logs. The soil was dry and cracked and thus, no one paid any attention to this worthless place.

Every morning at 6am, the old man would start work on this cheap and waste field: pulling away the weeds, softening the hardened soil, planting seedlings and watering them, adding on fertilizers and inspecting the land for harmful insects.

Everyday he worked on the field, doing the same thing over and over again without fail. His routine only ended when the moon started to show her face over the skyline.

After six months of hard work, the wasted land transformed into a field of fruit trees, with colorful flowers cheering in blossom.



The now beautiful fruit garden attracted the attention of the neighbourhood. More and more people visited the fruit garden, in turn praising the efforts of the owner.


Once, a man asked, “Old man, your garden is really marvellous and I love it so much. It seems like God really takes good care of you, giving you such a nice place.”

The old man smiled. “Sir, God may have taken good care of me, but are you aware this old man here talking to you has been working from dawn until dusk everyday?”

If you envy others’ successes, please do not limit your sights onto the fame and wealth only. Look beyond that; for every success is an accumulation of blood and sweat.

For every effort counts.


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