One day, a little caterpillar was eating his way on the tree. a beautiful butterfly flew past the little caterpillar and feeding herself to the flower front.

The little caterpillar looked at the bright colors on the butterfly. To the caterpillar, the butterfly was beautiful and the most fabulous living being he had ever seen. It was then that the little caterpillar decided to move as fast as he could towards the beautiful butterfly as he was afraid that the butterfly might fly off at any moment.
Finally, the caterpillar reached at the pretty butterfly’s side. He stared at the butterfly, admiring her amazing look. This caught the butterfly’s attention.


“Oh! Hi there.” The beautiful butterfly break the ice.

The little caterpillar was left stunned for a moment, before quickly replying. “Hi! It is so nice to meet you.”

There was a moment of silence before the caterpillar continued. “My lady, may I ask you something?”

The butterfly turned its head over and smiled. “Oh yes, by all means.”

“May I know in what ways, or what can I do in order to become a butterfly as beautiful and charming as you?” the caterpillar asked earnestly.

The butterfly paused for a moment and then said, “In order to become a butterfly, you first must have the BIG DREAM. The strong desire to fly. Secondly, the courage to step out of the cocoon that has provided you with warmth and protection.”

“But doesn’t that mean death? We may die if we step out of the cocoon!” The little caterpillar cried out in shock, with a look of disbelief across his face.



The charming butterfly smiled and explained in a slow and sweet voice. “On the surface, we see death. But in true fact it is rebirth. In the real world that you and I are living in, this is the factor that creates differences between people. Some of them become BUTTERFLIES , while others run in hiding and eventually die.”





In the real world, we do not dare to do certain things – not because of how difficult the task would be, but the key factor behind our minds which is Fear of Failure.

The key towards success is not by chance but by choice; the choice that we must decide by ourselves, to pick up the SWORD OF COURAGE, and to break through the comfort zone and venture out towards a new region.

Are you staying in a comfort zone right now?

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