One evening, in an eatery, there are 3 customers – an old grandpa, a young man and me.

The lighting is rather dim, maybe due to the fact that there are not much customers around. I am seated near to the window whereas the young man is sitting at another table with the old man nearby.

However, I realized the young man is not concentrating on his food in front of him. Instead, his sight seems to be drawn to the mobile phone on the old man’s table.

Just as the old man takes his sight off the phone to light up his cigarette, the young man swipes the phone off the table and swiftly puts it inside his sleeve pocket, intending to leave the eatery as fast as he can.

The old man turns his head over and discovers the phone is no longer on his table. He shivers before regaining his cool and he starts to look around him.

By that time, the young man’s hand is already on the door knot, ready to leave with the phone. I am anxious and had intended to shout at him to stop him. However, before I could even do anything, the old man stands up and calls out to the young man.

I am worried for the old man for given his age and fragile state, he will not be able to fight against a young and strong man.

“Young man, please wait for a moment,” the old man calls out to him.

Young man is stunned for a moment, before replying calmly, “Yes?”

The old man smiles. “Yesterday was my 70th birthday. My daughter had bought me a mobile phone as a birthday gift for me. Although I don’t really like to hold a mobile phone, it is still a gift from my daughter. Just now the phone was still on my table and now it has gone missing. I guess it must have dropped on the floor due to my carelessness. As my eyesight is failing me and I can’t bend my body down as good as before, can you help me search for the phone under the table?”

The young man relaxes and, calmer than before, he replies, “Don’t worry, I will help you.”

The young man kneels down on the floor and searches the vicinity of the table. He went two rounds around the table and when he got up to his feet, with the mobile phone in his hand, he asks, “Uncle, is this the mobile phone?”
With an excited expression painted on his face, the old man gratefully says, “Thank you so much, young man. You are really a good person, willing to help an old man like me. Thank you so much!!”


At that moment, I could not react to the situation properly at all as it is out of my expectations.
The young man walks further down the road, and I make my way towards the old man.
“Uncle, you are pretty sure that young man stole your mobile phone. Why didn’t you just call the police and have him arrested instead?”


“If I had called the police, yes I will get back my mobile phone. But that will also mean the end of the young man’s bright future. More importantly, I would have lost something much more precious, worth a few hundred folds, a few thousand folds compared to the mobile phone, which is Compassion.”




In daily life, we do encounter matters that are unexpected, and definitely not making our life better in many ways. But the sense of compassion & forgiveness will grant us, will grant others a better way in Life.




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