Alan and Ryan have been friends since they were kids and they love to share their personal experiences with each other as both of them are busy with career and family. The two of them would pick one day within each year to sit down and have a chat over coffee.


On this particular day, Alan is waiting patiently at the cafe. He sipping on his cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the Ryan who is usually late.

A few minutes later, Ryan arrives and sits down on the chair opposite Alan after making his purchase at the counter.
Alan looks at Ryan’s unhappy face, and is certain that it must be a rough period for him. Therefore Alan keeps quiet until Ryan is ready to commence the conversation.

“Dude, I am so sorry for being late again. I will repay you back at dinner later, now I’m famished. I have not eaten since the morning.”

Alan takes a look at the watch on his left wrist. The needle of the watch is pointing at 6pm sharp. “Ryan, I guess it is not too late to have our dinner later,” he says.

“Dude, I would like to ask some questions which may seem stupid but I do hope you can answer me.”

“By all means, Ryan. We have been friends for such a long time, of course I will try to give you some pointers whenever I can.”

Ryan take a deep breath and starts:
“Ok, here goes. When you are hungry what do you do?”


“When you are tired, what do you do?”

“Rest to sleep.”

“When the plant you have at home is dehydrated?”

“I water the plant.”

“When the coffee is too bitter?”

“I add some sugar.”

“When the tea is too hot?”

“I add some ice.”

“When you are down with sickness?”

“I will visit the doctor, and get myself cured.”

Ryan goes into a moment of silence for the next few minutes while Alan finishes his cup of hot chocolate. “Now I have finish up my drink but I am still thirsty. Ryan, what should I do?” Alan asks.

“Get another drink,” Ryan replies instinctively, without any thoughts in his mind.

Alan smiles. “Whenever there is a problem, there will always be a solution behind it. And there could even be more than one solution.”
Ryan remains silent and stares at Alan in the eye.
“When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I’m tired, I sleep. When I’m sick, I seek for remedies. When certain issues or situations are too HOT to control, I put some ‘ICE‘ in to cool them down. When the plant is dehydrated from ‘water‘, I put in some ‘solutions’ to ease the problem.

“Ryan, if you have problems on hand, put your mind on the positive side, as solutions are always there for you. But solutions won’t come to you if you don’t take the initiative to put it into action.

“Will you leave your plant under the scorching sun when you know its dehydrating? Will you drink the hot tea when you know it will scald your lips? Will you seek medication when you know your sick and health is deteriorating?
“Then why do you not do something about your problems now? Give them some thoughts, I believe you are smarter than those problems.”