Cheryl is a married woman at the age of 35; on this day she invited her best friend, Karen, over to her house for high tea and would like Karen to be her listening ear over the struggles Cheryl is currently facing in her relationship with her husband.
For the first 30 minutes of the meet-up, Cheryl talks all about how her husband has neglected her, how her husband prioritizes career and friendship over their marriage, how her husband often stays out late at night without informing her, how her husband is being an inconsiderate being for the past few years.
Karen just listens while constantly keeping her attention on Cheryl’s words. At the same time, Karen focuses her sight on Cheryl to maintain constant eye contact. However, something else within the vicinity caught Karen’s attention.
Karen abruptly interjects Cheryl’s rants and points her index finger to a few potted flowers behind Cheryl.

“Wow! These flowers are so beautiful! Are they all yours Cheryl?”

“Yes! Thanks for the compliment. It’s not easy to take care of these colourful fairies.”

“I see. How do you take care of the flowers? I am interested to find out.”

Cheryl grins and explains in high spirits: “It is not easy, I have to water them everyday, change them to a new pot every month, move those fairies out under the sun when its sunny, bring them back into the interior when the wind are too strong for them…”

But before Cheryl could finish her sentence, Karen asks, “You have put in so much effort into your fairies, but how much effort have you put into your marriage?”

In that instance, Cheryl is rendered speechless.




Life is never fair to anyone, but what is LIFE?

Life is the interaction between the living, between human beings, between friends, between family members, between husband and wife. And at the same time, it is unfair when each individual is seeking fairness.

Giving out your love & heart to someone, the other party may not return you the same amount of love and thoughts. It could be more, it could be less or could even be none. There are some factors behind which may make things turn out to be out of our expectations, and may be things that we don’t expect at all.

Above it all, most importantly, you have put in your efforts. And more important than that, you must be grateful for the efforts that others have put in to you. And to do that, open up your heart, your eyes and your thoughts. You will be able to see things more than what you have ever seen before.

Do not take others for granted, as this person in front of you, staying beside you, may not be there anymore in the near future.



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