Sunday 19th August 2012 marked a very important day for ASKI Global Limited as well as 204 Filipino Domestic Workers in Singapore. The workers have successfully completed their courses in Basic Entrepreneurship, Financial Education or even both, and that Sunday is the day that they properly graduate.

The graduation ceremony is formally known as the CITIASKI 4th Commencement Exercise and was held at Town Plaza Auditorium, CREATE Tower, University Town, National University of Singapore (NUS).




Right before the actual recognition ceremony, there was a gallery exhibition display at the foyer area which highlighted the efforts and works that these Oversea Foreign Workers (OFWs) have put in for the past year.
There were standing banners which displayed the success stories of students from previous batches as well as the overall outline of the courses offered by ASKI Global Limited.





Overall it was a great event. The 204 graduates brought their current employers along to the Commencement Exercises to acknowledge their efforts.
On top of that, ASKI Global Limited invited guests to be inspirational speakers, to strengthen and inspire the OFWs into pursuing their dream.
Some of the guests invited to the CITI-ASKI 4th Commencement Exercise were:

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During the event, all graduates sang the closing song together which, in a way, expressed the thoughts of ASKI Global Limited towards the OFWs Graduates in their future.

Congratulations to all Graduates =D





Disclaimer: This blog site does not represent any organization or business. It serves its purpose to motivate and bring light to Overseas Foreign Workers the world over.

ASKI Global Limited is a non-profit organization, striving to educate and train Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs) in Singapore. Hopefully it will pull them out from the poverty cycle and help them achieve their dream futures as soon as they can.

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