Last night, while I was browsing the world news online, an idea struck me.

This prompted me to type in MICROFINANCE in the search engines, following a hunch that I had.
From there, I began to read on some news regarding microfinance.

The few words that caught my eye on the first page were the Filipinos’ financial literacy  going up according to a Citi survey.

As I am working in ASKI Global Limited, a non-profited organization which provides Education & Training Development to Oversea Foreign Worker Communities in Singapore, the news headline caught my attention.



The news is based on a survey done by Citi Foundation over a period of 5 years. The results showed that the Filipinos have shown a significantly higher awareness of their financial health as compared to seven other countries – Australia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.
Filipinos, in particular, showed a better know-how of personal finance, especially in budgeting, saving and banking.


“The survey numbers in the Philippines are indeed very encouraging. The results show that Filipinos are becoming more determined to take charge of their finances and are responsible users of credit,” Citi Philippines Country Officer Sanjiv Vohra said in a statement.



It is definitely encouraging to read such words from Mr. Sanjiv. Of course, it definitely creates a greater impact on people like me, staffs from ASKI Global Limited, and many other NGOs. All of us have placed our best efforts and abilities to helping all OFWs, not only in Singapore but to all places that we can reach. And not just Filipinos, we are now aiming to help all OFWs from other countries as well, such as China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many more.


Currently ASKI Global Limited is offering Financial Education & Literacy Course, funded by Citi Foundation.
The training course will commence in January 2013; if you are interested do feel free to engage the company staff for more help.

Mr. Vohra lauded the survey results as he noted that one of Citi’s advocacies was that of financial education.



“What the numbers tell us is that Filipinos are taking a more active role in planning their finances and choosing the financial products and services according to their needs,” he said.

“Citi will continue to do its part in promoting financial literacy, working with the right partners around the country to engage more Filipinos from all walks of life.”




Disclaimer: This blog site does not represent any organization or business. It serves its purpose to motivate and bring light to Overseas Foreign Workers the world over.

The information mentioned above was from bworldonline, and thus credits to DIANE CLAIRE J. JIAO, Senior Reporter
The above information can be find at Press Release on ASKI Global Limited website.

ASKI Global Limited is a non-profit organization, striving to educate and train Overseas Foreign Workers’ (OFWs) in Singapore. Hopefully it will pull them out from the poverty cycle and help them achieve their dream futures as soon as they can.

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