Long long time ago, there was a wealthy man. As he chanced upon an impoverished man, a thought struck him and he wished to help this poor man to attain financial freedom and be self-sustainable for his daily life.

So this wealthy man bought a cow for the poor man and persuaded him to plod the farm field so that when Spring arrives he would be able to grow crops and get out of absolute poverty by Autumn.

The poor man started on his work almost immediately. However, due to laziness and shortage of food after a few days, this  life seemed to be harder to him than previously.

Hence, the poor man made some changes to his plan. He intended to sell the cow away and traded for a few sheep. From there, he would kill one for food and use the rest for a livestock business.

The poor man then put his plan into action. After a few days however, the little sheep is not giving new birth as per his initial plans. The man then came up another plan.

He decided to sell the remaining sheep away and buy a few hens. The hens would be able to lay eggs which would be able to generate profit in a quicker manner. The poor man quickly executed his plan, and ate up another chicken before anything else.

The lifestyle of the poor man did not change a single bit and he could not endure the hunger any longer  so he decided to kill another hen. By the end of the month, the poor man was left with only one hen.

As his dreams were now broken, he sold off the last hen and bought a bottle of beer. That was all he managed to accomplish for himself for the year.

Soon enough, Spring came. The wealthy man from the year before came back with a big pack of seeds in his hand. Yet he saw the poor man lying lazily on the floor, eating his little bits of bread with a bottle of beer beside him. The farm field was not maintained at all and the man was still as poor as before.

Many of us have BIG DREAMS in our lives. Some of us have the opportunity to carry them out or even put our dreams into action but the next factor that determines the outcome is PERSEVERANCE.

A quote from an investor:
His key that led him to success – no matter how poor he is or how bad the situation – is Investment. Capitals & Savings should not be touched. The desperation will make you figure out another source of income which will help you, regardless whether it is short term or long term.

One’s Character & Personality mold the habits of individual, And Success depends on the Habits of each individual.

So how are your spending habits?
Maybe you should spend a minute or two to figure it out, and then start saving for a rainy day.




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