Over the years, Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has been trying their best to educate young children, our future generation’s talents and people on their manners in the cyberspace.

Schools come up with many projects to instill the students on the dos and don’ts of online etiquette. Since the uprising of the internet, there have been so many platforms that we use to interact, share and communicate with one another such as Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, ICQ, mIRC, MSN, Yahoo! Messengers, Skype, and Multi Media Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), just to name a few.


Till these days, schools are still working very hard for this sacred mission. But according to this article, there are new projects that are not solely targeting on students but also for the parents.

It is not hard to imagine that as there have been a number of lawsuit cases and online sagas for the past few years. Their ages range from as young as 15 years old  – which is only a student – and can be even as adult as 30 years and above and holding important executive position in big organization, such as Amy Cheong.


When Cyber-Wellness Projects started, it initially promoted Online Safety towards the students by warning them of the dangers and potential risks in publishing their personal information publicly online which is open to the whole wide world.
Then, it moved into the Pornography Content and Online Games as well, so that’s how parents are involved. Schools like to promote the co-operation efforts between the school teachers and parents at home; to protect the students and to keep them under close inspection, both in school and at home.

Obviously, MOE has done their job well. The lawsuit cases relative to young adults exposing their personal information has dropped over the years.
But is that enough? The case of Ms. Amy Cheong is a good example, of the sharing and publishing of personal comments which are deemed inconsiderate and not understanding. By proposing projects to educate young generation about the potential consequences, is that truly enough?
The importance of education is not only about handling the problems when it surface, but to also be prepared for the unforeseeable problems in the future.
Education is not just about handling the PSLEs, N-Levels and O-Levels examinations, but to also be equipped with the right mindset for their future adult lives.
Education is about teaching the basic manners of how to become a better person, to be understanding, to be considerate, to be loved, and to be good.
If you are a teacher under MOE, do you want to share with me your thoughts of the educational system in Singapore?
I will keep your information confidential. I PROMISE!!!