Janet stretched her neck so that she could take a closer look at her younger little brother in their mother’s arms.
At the same time, she could smell the strong odour of medicine on the wooden table beside them.

The parents told Janet that the little baby was very sick.
However, Janet did not understand that statement as she was only 5 years old.
She could only make out the fact that her little brother was unhappy as he cried constantly. Even now, in the arms of their mother, he cried loudly, his voice occupying the baby room.

The mother bent down and kissed the little baby on his forehead, before she spoke softly: “My dear child, please don’t cry. Mummy will be here with you at all times.” Janet’s little brother stopped his crying and he looked towards his elder sister, stretching out his little hand and grabbing tightly onto Janet’s index finger.

Janet felt the pressure on her finger and held onto his little hand in return.
“Mum, little brother grabbed me tightly, as if… as if he is asking me for help,” Janet said, looking up at her mother.
The mother whose eyes was filled with tears, looked at Janet and tried her best to make out a smile. “Silly girl!”
She exited the baby room and joined her husband and their family doctor in the next room.
Janet heard some conversation going on among the adults, despite their soft tones. She may be five years old but she understood the fact that, when adults talk softly there must some big problems.

Janet kissed her little baby brother on the forehead,  sneaked her way to the door and pressed her ears onto the wooden block between her and the adults, hoping to learn the conversation behind the closed door.

A rough voice belonging to Janet’s father spoke. “I’m afraid that the operation expenses is too much for us. Our family don’t have enough money to pay our daily bills, let alone such an enormous amount for the operation.”

Janet’s mother was crying. “Now we could only pray for miracle to save our child.”

Janet’s little brain was wondering: What is miracle? Why don’t Mummy & Daddy just buy one back?

Coin Bank

Janet made her way back to her room, took out her coin bank and acquired a dollar from the container.
She walked towards the mart opposite her house, and smiled at the cashier.

The cashier asked, “Yes? Little girl, what can I do for you?”

“I want to buy a miracle!” Janet stretched out her arm holding the dollar and showed it to the cashier.

“I beg your pardon?” The cashier looked back at Janet, confused over her words.

“My little baby brother is very ill now. Daddy and mummy said he needs a miracle to survive. So can you give me one now?”

The cashier looked towards the queue. “Is there anyone here who can help this child? We don’t sell miracles here.”

Then, a man walked over to Janet. He looked of middle age and dressed in a proper suit.

“My child, what miracle does your little baby brother need?”
The people in the queue, including little Janet, looked at the middle-aged man.

“I don’t know, Sir. Daddy and Mummy said little George, my little brother, is very sick, and that he needed to go through a operation to save his life.” Janet said those words as tears started rolling down her right cheek.



The man opened up his palm and showed it to Janet. “So, my child. How much money do you have to buy that miracle for your little George?”

“I have a dollar!” Janet handed the coin over into the man’s palm as she wiped her tears with her other hand.

“I guess the price of a miracle costs as much as a dollar nowadays. Come! Bring me to your little George. I may have the miracle to save him.”
A few months later, Janet was standing right beside the bed of little George.
Meanwhile, the parents of both children were in the next room with the middle-aged man.

“Doctor, until now we still do not know who is the kindhearted person who paid for the operation’s bill. I guess it must be a huge amount for that person,” the mother of both children gratefully.

The doctor only replied: “From my understanding, he only spent a dollar and the kind thoughts of a little girl.”