9th Citi-FT Financial Education Summit

9th Citi-FT Financial Education Summit


“Since the first Financial Education Summit in Hong Kong in 2004, there has been a steady increase in the number of financial education initiatives run by different types of organizations including educational bodies, non-government organizations, financial institutions, and regulators as a result of the event. For example, Citi Asia Pacific’s regional partner, ASKI Global, connected with Enterprise Bank, a rural bank in the Philippines, at the 2010 Summit. The two now partner to provide the families of migrant workers based in Enterprise Bank’s coverage areas with financial education and microfinance products,” said Michael Zink, head of Citi’s businesses in ASEAN.

Read up on the measures Citi has undertaken in teaching responsible finance in ASEAN: Teaching responsible finance in the Citi


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The above information can be find at Press Release on ASKI Global Limited website.

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