On Thursday, 20th December 2012, I attended a Book Club discussion with a close friend of mine (not my first time actually).
The book for the discussion and review for the night was “Sylvia Townsend Wagner’s Mr Fortune’s Maggot”.
Sadly last night, only a handful of us attended the discussion (to be precise only 5 came; you could count the attendance with one hand).
Thus the discussion turned out to be a very simple one, since only 1 out of the 5 actually read the book. =P

Personally I am not an book person. I don’t fancy reading books (especially English books). And even if I do read, the type of books I read belong to the Chinese side. I can gladly show you the collection I have inside my drawers.


After a brief discussion on the book, we moved on to the splendid feast prepared by one of the Admins, Mr. Rajendran Vijayanaman. While the eating and drinking was going on, we started on gossiping and chit chatting anything under the sun.

Splended Feast Candy Cane cakes and snacks Halal Meat Food

Overall, I loved and enjoyed the companionship of all the new friends down there. I would love to read a book and join in the conversation next time.