Recently there are a number of cases of reckless drivers on the road in Singapore, and it seems to be increasing over the last few months.

Ever since the case of Rochor Road Fatal Car Accident happened, Singaporeans are seems to be more aware of the traffic condition on the road.
And all thanks to the implementation of the installation of camera within vehicles, drivers and non-driving Singaporeans would be able to understand how an accident really happens as these videos will be uploaded online via Facebook, YouTube and many other online web servers.

I believe there are many other car accidents had happen for the past few months, but if it is uploaded online it would means the issue of reckless driver is getting from bad to worse gradually.

In the recent days, there was another case right after Rochor Road Fatal Car Accident, another accident happens on the same spot.
I think most people known about this particular case as it is after all an old news.

But this morning, i saw another video from Facebook. (you can view the video here)
And the statement goes as such:

(this video clip was taken on 18012013, Friday afternoon)
GDB 2439 X, you are going to be in public scrutiny for intention to cause injury or death to other road user.

Dear Netizen, you be the judge. I am showing the full 3 minutes to show the tyrannical act of this road bully who nearly kill a motorist. The accident took place on Friday- 18012013 afternoon on PIE – Eng Neo to Steven Road.

The first 2 minutes of the video clip shows the road bully tailgating hazardously behind this motorist putting her into a very helpless situation. Look at the safety distance between my vehicle and the road bully and compare how this road bully is putting motorists into a hazard. If you have followed closely to the first 2 minutes if the video clip, look at how busy the express way. This lady is very blessed that no vehicle is travelling alongside with my car during her fall. I couldn’t image what will happen if a truck is alongside with me at the point of accident. I am not trying to exaggerate the outcome of the situation but take a closer look at size of the vehicles using lane 3 in my video clip. No joke.

At the last minute of this video clip, his action says it all of his remorseless and self less attitude- walking to the scene of the accident. Being a stranger to both the road bully and injured motorist, I stayed very neutral and look at this road accident as a mishap where nobody wants it. While waiting in the scorning afternoon for the ambulance and traffic police to come, I took an umbrella to shade the injured motorist who is still lying on the road. This road bully took over my umbrella and I thought he wanted to redeem his mistake. Absurd action of this road bully, he took my umbrella to shade himself from the sun! Needless to say, his remorseless action has change my perception of this accident. On site, his statement with the traffic police mention that the motorist has knock into his vehicle. This has really stir up the heat in me to uphold justice and bring the right punishment to this road bully.

After watching this video clip umpteen times, I personally deducts that this impatient road bully was trying to shove the injured motorist to lane 3 after hogging him for the past 2 minutes. However the injured motorist was not able to react in time due to the road bully reckless action.

Special thanks to the elegant lady of SGW 3366 X who offer her help in this accident.

Posting on behalf of video owner- Aaron Ng

Disclaimer: The above information is credited to the owner of the original video.
I am not sure what is happening on the road now, but something is definitely going wrong somewhere.
Maybe it is the fast-pacing of lifestyle in Singapore, maybe it is the inconsideration of drivers in Singapore, or maybe it is just their luck.
But someone has to do something to make things better.