Indonesian domestic helpers based here can now be financially literate too through ASKI Global’s FinEd course

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After months of planning, ASKI Global Limited has finally rolled out the Financial Education (FinEd) training programme solely for the Indonesian migrant workers on Sunday, 3rd February 2013. The pilot project, a collaboration between ASKI and organisations VISA Singapore, The Foundation for Development Cooperation (FDC), and Rekadesa, aims to educate the Indonesian students who are from low-income families to understand how to manage their finances as well as planning their financial goals for the future. The course was co-developed with student-interns from the National University of Singapore’s University Scholars Programme. The lessons for the Indonesians will be covered in 5 alternate Sundays.

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Twenty students were present for the first day of lessons, just as anticipated. Apart from the familiar faces who had attended the orientation conducted two Sunday prior to the lessons, there were also a few new faces brought into the class by their friends. The students as well as the staff and volunteers of ASKI Global were all excited for the day’s developments. As with the Filipinos who had attended Financial Education training, the organization hopes that the Indonesians will be able to absorb the lessons as well and imbue a sense of financial competence and responsibility


SONY DSC Senior Training Manager, ASKI Global, Mr. Ian Arcebel

The first two modules covered were ‘Uses of Money’ / ‘Financial Goals’ and ‘Budgeting & Planning’. ‘Uses of Money’ is an introductory module towards the Financial Education course, engaging the students on their opinions with regards to money, how and what they use their money for, and their feelings towards discussing about money. ‘Financial Goals’ continues on from the first module and explains to the students the benefits of thinking ahead and planning for their future by coming up with feasible and achievable financial goals. The third module covered on the first day was ‘Budgeting & Planning’, which goes deeper into how the students can maximise their earnings by setting limits to their expenditures as well as sharing tips on how to budget their finances. Remittance is also touched on in this module. The students were also provided with coin banks made by ASKI Global volunteers to further spur them on to save.

ASKI Global FinEd Coin Banks_01 ASKI Global FinEd Coin Banks_02

On a whole, the training for the Indonesians started off on a very good note. The students were very engaged and were able to understand the modules very well. For most of the students, this was the first time they have ever heard of the organization and the Financial Education programme, of which they knew about through the Indonesian Family Network. From there, their interests were piqued and they signed up to learn how to manage their finances. When questioned by Md Sufyan, Communication and Marketing Officer of ASKI Global and one of the trainers for that day, the response was unanimously enthusiastic.

FDC-ASKI Students

Bagus*, I was very excited,” said Ikrimah, an Indonesian who has been in Singapore for six years working as a domestic helper. “Previously I was a spendthrift, not thinking twice about spending money. After attending today’s lessons, I am able to understand about finances. The two modules presented have helped.” Ikrimah’s sentiments were echoed by her friend and fellow student, Noer Wahyuningsih. “Very excited!” she exclaimed. For now, she is very pleased with the introductory lessons and is looking forward to the rest of the classes, as with the rest of her fellow classmates.

Communication & Marketing Office, Mr. Sufyan

Through the rest of the course, ASKI Global hopes to see changes taking place in the Indonesian students, with the end result being they will be able to learn, understand, and apply what they have been taught during the lessons into their financial management. The organization wants to see them become as financially literate as their Filipino counterparts so that eventually they will be able to return home and be reunited with their families permanently.

* Bagus – Good

By Md Sufyan Saad, Communication & Marketing Officer, ASKI Global Limited.

More photos on the event can be found here

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