For the recent days, as 28th June, 2014 is coming around the corner.
There is quite a number of events that happened in Singapore, the small island country in South East Asia.


Pink Dot 2013

28th June, 2014 is Pink Dot Singapore, is a non profit movement, an event for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. in support of a belief that everyone deserves freedom to love, which hope to bring the LGBT Singaporeans closer to their family and friends with openness and acceptance.


Pastor Lawrence Khong

Faith Community Baptist Church senior pastor Lawrence Khong said on Monday (June 23): “It is time for the church to work with like-minded groups (such as Muslims) to register our opposition (to the event) before it is too late.”


Ustaz Noor Deros

The “like-minded groups” is in reference to the Wear White campaign organised by Mr Noor Deros, a 28-year-old Islamic religious teacher. Mr Noor is calling on Muslims to wear white this Saturday to protest against homosexuality and defend traditional family values.

More details on: Church must work with like-minded groups to oppose Pink Dot: Pastor Lawrence Khong


Looking at these makes me feel sad for them. As they do not really understand what is Openness, Acceptance and LOVE.
I am speechless because of their actions, for they surely do not have the heart to care for others who are different from them.

And this morning, I read this blog (Pope at Morning Mass: You Are Not God, Do Not Judge), and so I would like to share this quote with everyone:


Vatican Palm Sunday

“He who judges another puts himself in the role of God, the only judge, the Pope said. He went on to recall that if one hopes to one day have his offenses forgiven, then he must not judge others.”

– Pope Francis